Silvano Lattanzi: Men’s Shoes

I sat down with General Manager David Rolirad of Italian bespoke footwear maker Silvano Lattanzi. Like all great inventors of the past, Mr. Lattanzi launched his brand known for personal style, high fashion, exceptional taste and modesty all constant with time in 1971. The quality is a study of forms, choice of materials, choice of colors and inspired by Van Gough, Monet, Matisse; workmanship Norvegese, Bentivegna, Stagno, Berlimo.

The brand offers ready-to-wear items as most clients make appointments for private fittings where they create their own custom-made pair, which can take three months to be completed and delivered. Loafers and lace-ups in calf-skin and cordovan shell are among the most popular styles; other exotic materials, including crocodile, alligator, and lizard skin, are also for sale. Make sure your wallet is well-lined: a custom-made pair starts at $5,300 and can reach upwards to $18,000 and ready-to-wear styles begin at $3,175 and the shoes have a life span upwards of 20 years.












Photos by Troy Alexander

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