48 Hours: Botswana, Africa

Like a picture perfect postcard, the grand Khwai River Lodge nestled on the edge of a forest overlooking the endless floodplains of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly staff at the entrance with yet again a traditional melody and from that point, the team was very watchful. Our guide [Onx] was very knowledgeable and definitely felt like a big part of our group. His knowledge and understanding of the “bush” was unparalleled.

Troy Alexander Project was a guest and offers our opinion. It felt like a truly breathtaking experience; one that was a very remarkable experience. We went on a big game drive known for its phenomenal range of animals such as: elephants, hippos, antelopes, warthogs, giraffes and leopards. Our highlight was seeing a leopard stalking through the grass to kill a warthog and hearing it squeal for its life. I would recommend this property; it rightfully exceeded our expectations.












DSC00408 DSC00416 DSC00418 DSC00426 DSC00433 DSC00452 DSC00486 DSC00490 DSC00495 DSC00500 DSC00504 IMG_4491 IMG_4508 IMG_4532 IMG_4540 IMG_4618 IMG_4626 IMG_4652

Thank you
Twitter and Instagram: @alexxtroy
Photos Courtesy: Troy Alexander Heyward
Photos Shot with: Hasselblad Lunar

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