Sean “Diddy” Combs: 3AM Fragrance


As a native New Yorker, and a true product of his environment, Sean Combs has inspired millions from the everyday surroundings of music, fashion, lifestyle, art, travel and beauty to always dream big and not to make ANY excuses. A genius of a businessman, listed on Forbes number 1 wealthiest hip – hop artists thanks to his TV network Revolt, CFDA award-winning clothing line Sean John, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate, Ciroc vodka and tequila DeLeon to name a few. The hustler spirit lives in Mr. Combs, you enter the room and you immediately understand why his calculating selling and self-promoting skills turn everything he does into an immediate realization.

I sat down and interviewed Mr. Combs yesterday at the posh Park Hyatt in New York City and we discussed his new fragrance 3AM. Here is what he shared:

Troy Alexander: Discerning gentlemen have different fragrances for different occasions….do you see this fragrance as an everyday go to scent or one that should be reserved for special occasions?

Sean Combs: It is an everyday go to scent. All the fragrances we’ve made, fit into your daytime and your night life activities.

TA: How did you settle on the name 3am?

SC: When you launch a fragrance it gives you a license to be very creative and to be free. 3AM is a special time for me, the things I’ve seen go on at that hour. You throw caution to the wind at 3AM. Write that one down!

TA: Great businessmen are able to successfully launch new products by filling a void or improving where competitors are lacking…since you are one of the world’s greatest businessmen I’m curious to understand how you are positioning 3AM?

SC: Thank you. I’m coming on the scene, I’m coming loud and proud. I’m in a great time in my life, having fun. I want to represent a good time and I don’t want want to be too serious. I love the combination of art and commerce, plus the commercial speaks for itself. He laughs.

TA: Classic scents always transport me to special moments and places.  Which city does 3AM remind you of most and why?

SC: This is a definitely a New York City fragrance. There is no place like New York at 3AM and its a very sensual hour, you aren’t going to spend 3AM with just anyone. I hope at that hour, I’m loving on my woman.


3AM is a luxurious scent designed for many who take chances and live without regrets. It is the moment when the world is most raw, and your emotions are the most real – the truth comes out. The fragrance is forceful with an intensity, combining fruits and richness that can become captivatingly addictive.  Its signature element in my opinion, absolute freshness with a sophisticated style. The bottle is translucent with a flash of red, designed as a luxe object of desire while incorporating sleek edges that evoke the city landscape.

Sean “Diddy” Combs continues by saying, “fragrance is truly a passion of mine and I have always said that it is the finishing touch to anyone’s outfit and mood. For my newest scent, I have combined the most luxurious ingredients to create a fragrance that draws everyone close to you while washing away your sins. It has both sensual and fresh notes reminiscent of a night that you never want to end. 3AM is at once breathtaking, addictive, and slightly dangerous leaving even the most elegant men and women uninhibited.”


Thank you
Photos Courtesy: Sean John
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