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Neutral colors can be fascinating because of the sheer depth they provide. Youngsters love bright and flashy colors because they suit their character better. So, finding a young woman in her 20s wearing glossy reds and pinks on almost every occasion. But as you age, you tend to gravitate towards neutral tones because they stand the test of time better than glossy shades. So, let us discuss what neutral colors are and see how to choose the best OPI neutral colors to suit every skin tone.

What Are Neutral Colors?

Usually, neutral colors do not appear on any color chart because they come in various shades. However, the exciting aspect of neutral colors is that they do not compete with other colors. Instead, they are happy to play a supporting role by acting as a color base. Thus, you can add different colors to the neutral base and go for a beautiful manicure.

Neutral colors are generally available in shades like black, white, grey, brown, beige, and blue. Of course, some neutral colors can overlap, but they usually comprise the abovementioned colors. Let us now see how to choose the best neutral colors for the different seasons.

The Fall or Autumn

Neutral Colors Can Give You a Stunning Appearance

Color-wise, autumn is the best season because you move away from the bright summer shades to the dark wintry shades. Therefore, you can try various neutral shades in autumn. The best neutrals to have during fall are brown, beige, off-white, and a softer black shade bordering on grey. The key is to steer clear of the typical dark wintry hues. The best bet is to go for the in-between shades.Neutral Colors Can Give You a Stunning Appearance


Neutral Colors Can Give You a Stunning Appearance

Usually, people opt for dark tones in winter. Therefore, darker brown shades like chocolate would be ideal. You can also try out darker versions of black and beige. Many women love to try contrasting shades like snow white or icy blue colors. Much depends on your attire. The cherry black shades are ideal for professional women who chair board meetings or have frequent customer interactions. Otherwise, choosing a neutral shade for winter should not be an issue.


Neutral Colors Can Give You a Stunning Appearance

Spring is a beautiful season and full of color. You have greenery everywhere. So, choosing the softer neutral shades for your nails is better. The perfect OPI colors for spring are pearly whites, gentle beige, light pink shades, light grey, nude browns, pinks, etc. The light blue is also an excellent neutral shade. You can have your favorite nail art designs over these neutral colors and look gorgeous.



Summer is also the right time to bring out the neutrals from the cosmetic drawer. We suggest choosing classic colors like beige, grey, creamy white, light blue, or even a bright white shade. All these colors look exquisite on your nails and enhance your overall glamour quotient by several notches. The key is to have as many light colors on your nails as possible. The advantage of light nail polish colors in summer is that they reflect heat and cool the nail surface.

Let us look at some excellent neutral colors that should suit your nails, regardless of your skin tone.


White is the best neutral shade as it suits all skin tones and seasons. Besides, white looks heavenly on your nails, regardless of occasion and attire. So, it is no different if you prepare for a board meeting or enjoy yourself with your friends on a beach. The white neutral shade shines its way through and makes you look adorable. However, you must wear a warmer white in the spring/summer and a softer white during autumn/winter.


Many people do not consider pink a neutral color. But, many pink shades, especially those that match your skin tone, qualify among the best neutral color choices. The advantage of pink as a neutral shade is that it gels beautifully with your skin tone. So, you can have their beautiful pink shades during spring and summer. They seem perfect as the base for a cute French manicure.

Beige or Brown

Generally, light brown shades are perfect for tanned people because they suit their skin tone the best. The beige shades can do to tanned people what the soft pinks do for fair-skinned women. In addition, the beige or light brown enhances your nail’s natural beauty and makes you look at your gorgeous best. OPI colors are available in an extensive range of brown and beige tones to suit almost all occasions.

Black and Grey

While people can be reluctant to wear dark black, this neutral shade is perfect if you wish to sprinkle glitter on your nails. The black is ideal for golden and silver glitter because it makes your nails glisten beautifully.


Neutral colors are the favorite of middle-aged women because it allows them to make a compelling fashion statement. So, we have seen what neutral colors are and how to choose the right shade to suit your nails. Therefore, wear one and have a great time on social media.