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Many ladies buy gel nail polish for its amazing benefits. Compared to the other nail polish products available in the market, the color gel offers the perks you will love. The gel polish lasts longer and doesn’t chip off easily. This nail polish also acts as a protection for your nails too. It dries quicker, so you don’t have to wait around until your nail is ready for the party. The color gel looks good on all skin types and allows you to experiment with different patterns designs.

7 Actionable Tips for Applying Gel Nail Polish like The Pros

But keep in your mind that you can get all these benefits when you apply the color gel the right way. Keep reading this article to find seven tips to help you achieve the perfect look with gel nail polish.

Some Actionable Tips for Applying Gel Nail Polish

File Your Nails the Right Way

As with applying any other nail polish, the first thing you have to take care of is cutting your nails. The improper shape of your nails will never help you achieve the look you desire. You will have to spend your time cutting and trimming your nails to the perfect shape.

Hurrying to the application process is futile if your nails are not filed properly. After you have used your nail clipper to shape your nails, pick up the nail file to smooth the edges of your nails. Doing so will allow you to apply the color gel without making any mistakes.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Most people ignore the cuticles when applying nail polish. Don’t forget that hydration is super important for the health of your nails. If your nails are not getting enough water, they will look dull and dry.

Make sure you start the application process by first smoothing the cuticles of your nail. Pick up a cuticle pusher to put the cuticle in the right place, and don’t forget to use the cuticle oil. The cuticle oil will help you achieve the perfect look of your nails. Remove the dead skin so the color gel can sit properly.

Buff Your Nails

The next step you have to do is to buff your nails. When you buy gel nail polish, you aim for the perfect look, and you cannot achieve it unless you focus on the buff process. The buff routine is super good for the health of your nails. However, when applying the color gel, you cannot ignore it as it allows the nail paint layers to sit properly on the nail. Make sure you take some time for the buff process, improving the overall final look.

The Cleaning Process

Most people don’t have time daily to take care of their nails. There’s no denying that we live in a polluted world, where chemicals and tons of other factors are degrading the quality of our lives. And it all also affects the looks of your nails. Therefore, it’s important that when you buy gel nail polish, you clean your nail properly for the perfect look. Make sure you use alcohol or any cleanser product to rub any dust or cuticle oil from your nails required for the perfect application of the color gel.

Start with the Base Coat

Now that you’re done with the preparation, the next step is to apply the base coat. You must apply the base coat the right way to get the perfect look. Apply a thin coat of color gel on the entire nail to make it easier for the next coats to sit properly.

Make sure you give at least 30 seconds to the base coat to let it dry perfectly. If you want good results, you can place your nails under the LED or UV light too. And remember to cap the edges of your nails while applying the base coat.

Put on the Color Gel

Next comes the application of additional layers on top of the base coat. Remember that as mentioned above, you have to apply thin coats of the nail paint, so the final look of the color gel is perfectly as you desire. The basic guideline of color gel application is to put at least two coats on top of the base coat.

End It with the Top Coat

The final step of the color gel application is applying the top coat. Remember to put on this coat with proper care to give you a final look. There might be a residue of color gel on top of your nail, and you can get rid of it easily with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol – and you’re good to go!


If you buy manicure gel polish, you can easily apply it at your home without visiting a professional. Make sure you don’t miss any of the steps mentioned above to get the perfect look you want!