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They always say that beauty is natural and comes to women easily. Yes, they are correct, but it is also significant to maintain the beauty for people to admire. Your dip powder manicure plays a critical role in enhancing your beauty levels.

Procedure-wise, a dipping powder manicure is easy. However, if you are a newbie, it can take time to master the technique. While traversing the learning curve, you might come across various LDS dip nails dilemmas. Here are some of them with simple solutions to resolving them and becoming a master at the dipping powder manicure.

Lifting nails are common, but there is no cause for worry

A dip powder manicure is one of the most beautiful things that keep your spirits up, even on the gloomiest of days. If you find the nails lifting, it can dampen the mood further. Every woman must know how to deal with the lifting nail problem if they have to master the dip powder technique.

Solution: Prepping or preparing your nails for the manicure is crucial. Every nail tutorial places great emphasis on the prepping part. Your cuticles need attention during this process. The cuticles that sprout out of their grooves on the nail bed are responsible for the lifting problem. The solution is to push the cuticles back into their grooves using an orangewood cuticle pusher. Secondly, buffing the nails to remove the oily layer is crucial. You should not leave any gap between the LDS dip powder color and your nails. Ensure this and lifting will be a thing of the past.

Making your dip nails shiny is not a big issue at all

At times, you could feel that your dip nails look dull rather than dazzling their way through your eyes. It can happen to anyone. The solution is relatively simple.

Solution: Every dip coat has a recommended waiting time for the polish to dry. Dipping powder polish dries on its own without having to use the UV lamp. However, they need some time. Rushing through your dip nail procedure can result in piling up layers when still wet. It could end up as foggy, matte-finish nails. It is advisable to ensure there is enough gap between coats. It allows the effortless blending of the dipping powder into your LDS nails.

Are there bumps in your nail? Here is how you deal with them

Generally, your LDS powder nailsmanicure should be smooth and shiny. If there are bumps on your nails after the manicure, it entails that you have not followed the correct procedure.

Solution: A lot depends on the powder you use for your dip manicure. Ideally, your dipping powder bottle should contain fine, smooth powder. If the powder is old and exposed to air, the powder can form clumps. Applying such powder can lead to bumpy nails. You can shake the dipping powder bottle to ensure there is no clump formation. Adding a thin nail liquid as the base layer can also help avoid clump formation. Using quality products can help you attain perfection.

Do you find your dip manicure fading away after some time?

A dipping powder manicure should comfortably last for three to four weeks. If the color starts to fade early, it is worrying. It means that you are not taking care of your nails enough.

Solution: You come in contact with various products when completing your daily chores. It could be your sun-block cream or the household cleaners that you use for mopping the floors. These products contain chemicals that can react with your nail polish and discolor it. Using protective gloves when dealing with such chemicals can help in preventing discoloration or fading.

Protect your LDS Nails from chipping or cracking

An improperly done dipping powder manicure can lead to chipping or cracking of nails. It can look disturbing if you find cracking of your nails within a week of your dip powder manicure.

Solution: The primary reason for cracking LDS dipping powder nails manicure is that there are not enough dip powder layers on your nails. It can also happen if your layers are thin. Cold climate is also one of the reasons for the chipping or cracking of nails. The best way to deal with it is to have a minimum of two layers of dipping powder.


We have discussed various issues that can crop up during your dipping powder manicure. The trick to avoiding such problems is to follow the perfect dipping powder manicure process. Keep visiting our posts to know more about how to apply LDS dipping powder. You can also learn how to remove dipping powder by watching this space regularly. The best way to master the dipping powder manicure technique is by practicing. The more you practice, the better you get. Follow the correct procedure and obtain the most beautiful nails in town.