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Of late, dip powder manicures are becoming more popular amongst the younger generation. Maybe, it could be because of increased health awareness as people have become cautious of exposing their nails to UV radiation. Hence, you have people gravitating from gel polish manicures to dip powder nail jobs.

Tricks to Make Your Dipping Powder Manicure Enjoyable

Now, you do not always need to visit a salon for a dip manicure. You can quickly master the technique at home and have a DIY job. Therefore, it is nice to invest in a quality manicure kit, such as the SNS dipping powder kit. You can visit our website to order your SNS nails wholesale products online.

Here are some tips to help you master the dip powder manicure at home.

The Initial Preparation Is Critical

It is critical to get your things together before starting your dip powder manicure. You can line up the requirements, like nail files, buffers, the basecoat, topcoat, dipping powder, cotton wipes, cuticle oil, brushes, etc. Having these accessories on hand proves helpful because dip powder ingredients dry quickly. You cannot spend time searching for the products with a basecoat on your fingers. It could dry up quickly if you keep searching for the dip powder.

The face mask is a crucial ingredient of your SNS powder kit because people sensitive to dust can find it a challenge using dip powder. In addition, you could get a sneezing fit if you manage to inhale some dip powder.

Prepping Your Nails Makes Your Job Easy

Your nails keep growing all the time. Hence, it is essential to cut them and keep them in shape. While cutting the nails, you should ensure to blunt the edges. Your nail file proves handy in trimming and shaping your nails. Moreover, it prevents the nail polish from lifting.

Secondly, prepping your nails involves washing and drying your hands thoroughly. Finally, one can apply alcohol on the fingertips to get rid of oils and moisture that could cause your nail manicure to lift at a later stage.

Taking care of the cuticles is a crucial procedure. The cuticles can come in the way of an excellent manicure. The trick is not to trim the cuticles but push them gently into their grooves. It is also the right time to get rid of your dead skin. You can proceed to buff your nails to rough up the nail surface. It ensures that the dip powder sticks to the nail.

The Start Of The Dipping Procedure

After prepping your nails, you can proceed with the dipping manicure. The procedure starts with applying a thin layer of basecoat. While doing so, you should ensure to steer clear of the cuticle. Hence, it is advisable to paint your nails up to three-fourths in length. It is because the dipping powder sticks to the basecoat and not to your nails.

Before starting with the dipping procedure, you should shake the dipping powder bottle thoroughly. It enables the powder ingredients to mix well. Dip powder bottle shakers are available as part of the SNS dipping powder kit. You should ensure that when you buy SNS nails wholesale products.

The basecoat layer dries quickly. Hence, you should not waste time dipping your nails into the dipping powder. As soon as you apply the basecoat layer, you can dip your nails at a 45-degree angle into the bottle. It ensures the uniform application of dipping powder. The best aspect of dipping powder is that it does not stick to your skin. Therefore, you can easily brush it off.

The Topcoat Application Is The Final Step

Generally, one layer of dipping powder should suffice. If you want a thicker coat, you can dip your fingernails multiple times. You can also add multiple layers of basecoat if necessary. However, it is essential to dust off the excess powder every time before starting with the topcoat application.

The topcoat layer is crucial because it lends the requisite shine to your nails. If you need a matte finish, you can stop the topcoat application after one layer. However, multiple topcoat applications are necessary if you wish to have a glossy coat.

The best part of topcoat application is that it does not take much time to dry. It dries within a minute of exposure to air. The dipping powder manicure does not require curing your nails under a UV lamp.

Why Dipping Powder Manicure Is An Advantage?

Dipping powder has an advantage over other manicures because it does not harm your nails. Besides, dipping powder does not have an offensive odor as you can encounter with gel or acrylic polish. Thirdly, dipping powder manicures last comfortably long. A perfect dipping powder manicure can conveniently last for three weeks. Finally, it looks great on your nails and allows you to share your well-manicured nails on your social media handles. These benefits make dipping powder one of the most preferred procedures today.

Thus, your dipping powder manicure becomes an enjoyable process.