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Newborn babies are a delight to be around-their innocence, soft skin and tenderness make us go crazy every time we see these delicate darlings. It’s normal to see their skin turn red or become pinkish even if we slightly pinch their supple face as a token of affection. Such extra-sensitive skin that’s hugely different from that of an adult requires proper care.

In comparison to an adult’s skin, the baby’s skin is more prone to irritants and infections. But it is also a significant barrier that prevents extra moisture loss and protects it from external infections. Every parent indeed must take the utmost care for their babies with the right kind of face creams, baby lotions, soaps, and skincare products to safeguard their rosy skins.

baby face creams and lotions

Streamlining Baby Face Creams & Lotions

Giving a warm bath to your baby is an exciting experience as the little one thoroughly enjoys being cajoled and pampered with love while bathing. Don’t bathe him/her for more than 10 minutes with a mild and gentle cleanser that protects your baby’s soft skin. Don’t ever be tempted to choose perfumed soaps however, refreshing and inviting it might smell as this can irritate.

Soon after bathing, dry, the little one well, especially at the skin creases, and apply a non-fragrant body lotion to keep the skin moisturized. Choose baby face creams that focus on moisturizing the skin containing ‘petroleum jelly’ as they are safe for keeping the infant protected from eczema. The world is now used to putting on a nappy over the baby any time of the day, and hence, pediatricians recommend using a zinc-containing cream over the area each time the nappy is changed to avoid rashes.

Out in the sun on a stroll in your pram? Sunscreens are not only for adults but babies too! Choose a baby-suitable sunscreen having the optimal SPF value and apply it every few hours. The best is to dress your infant in summer cool long-sleeved clothing, a big round hat, and full pants.

Promising a Refreshing Body Wash for your Kid

Soaps captured the market with their different fragrances, but in due course, body wash gels became popular. We have commonly seen TV commercials insisting that their product is suitable for kids-so what makes a soap suitable or unsuitable for children? With innumerable products lining our supermarket aisles, picking the right one is a monumental task in itself. Moreover, kids lead an extremely active lifestyle playing around in the mud, hitting against each other, digging their nose, and continuously in touch with the floor surfaces.

A hot water bubble bath keeps an adult refreshed, but most kids hate to bathe, especially during holidays and the responsibility falls on the parent entirely to ensure that his/her kid gets the right soap/body wash which takes off the germs, dirt, and bacteria that wait to swarm them over.

The following criteria must be met when you choose a body wash for kids.

Hypoallergenic: Some children are allergic by nature; a whiff of dust causes a rash or redness in the skin. Such children must be dealt with soaps/body washes that are hypoallergenic.

Gentle on the skin: Pick a soap/wash that’s non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals as these are sure to irritate the skin. Somebody wash designed for kids too contains dyes and fragrances, which could bring about blisters/irritations, and it is better to get one that is free from these.

Check ingredients: Does your child cry every time while having a bath or especially when you are washing his/her face? Then it’s time to ensure that the product purchased is tear-free from ingredients such as alcohol, glycol, or propylene. Rely on products that contain honey, olive oil, butter, almonds, and milk as these are natural moisturizers.

Enjoy every moment with your little munchkin, and be happy being around them. Take personal care in overseeing their personal care products-the soaps, body lotions, bath gels, or creams to give only the best to arrest irritants or skin attacks on them.