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Who would not love to have beautifully manicured nails? Nails are the windows to a woman’s beauty and health. One look at the nails can tell you how healthy you are. Yes, nail polish is an incredible cosmetic procedure to beautify your nails, but one should also be aware of the precautions to get the ultimate nail manicure.

Gel manicures are spectacular and can last long. However, they can be tough on your nails. Your nails become prone to cracking, peeling, and might become brittle, as well. Repeated use can also cause premature aging. We are not trying to scare you in any way, but excessive nail polish use can lead to skin cancer in vulnerable people. In this context, one should follow these tips suggested by the leading dermatologists in the world.

Tips to get the ultimate out of your nail manicure

  • No Compromise on Quality – One should never compromise on the product quality. Inexpensive nail polish products can bring more harm than good. It is advisable to use excellent products like Kiara Sky brands.
  • Proactiveness with the Manicurist – One should never hesitate to ask the manicurist whether they follow all the precautions, such as using sterilized tools, disinfectants, and excellent hygiene. Any laxity on the manicurist’s part can lead to infections. One should also ensure not to cut the cuticles, as it can cause inflammation.
  • Allergic to acetone – If you are allergic to acetone, you should not go for gel polish or the dipping powder manicure. It is a better idea to stick to the traditional nail polish jobs under such circumstances.
  • Sunscreen can help – Applying sunscreen to your hands can prevent the polish and other harmful chemicals from contacting your skin. It can also prove beneficial in the case of exposure to UV radiation that is necessary when drying gel polish. An excellent option is to use opaque gloves with the fingertips snipped off, thereby exposing your nails alone.
  • Never pick at nail polish – It is natural for the nail polish to wear off after a couple of weeks. Many people tend to pick the nail polish themselves. It is not an advisable thing to do, as you could end up damaging your nails. If you need beautiful Kiara Sky nails, it is better to avail of nail salon technicians’ services. They do a professional job of removing nail polish.
  • Be careful with acetone – Soaking your nails in acetone is necessary to remove nail polish. The perfect way to do so is to use cotton balls soaked in acetone to contact the nails. You can tie an aluminum wrap around your fingertips to keep the cotton ball in place. One should ensure that the skin does not come in contact with acetone. A 15-minute soak should eradicate the nail polish.
  • Have a gap between two nail manicures – Nature has its procedure to repair nails. Leave your nails free of any nail polish or other chemical substances between two manicures. A cooling period of a week or two can help your nails substantially.
  • Rehydrate your nails – Using a moisturizing product like petroleum jelly on your nails during the cooling period can help rehydrate your nails. It will prevent the nails from chipping off.

These tips can help you get the best-looking nails in town. Besides, you also ensure the good health of your nails. It is always advisable to go to a salon for a dipping powder job. The nail technicians are professionals who know how to do the perfect nail manicure. However, you can also perform the dipping powder manicure at home with the right amount of practice.

The best DIY procedure for a dipping powder job

The following steps should ensure you acquire the best Kiara Sky nails at home.

  • Keep all the tools and nail polish paraphernalia on hand, as dipping powder polish can dry pretty quickly.
  • Use a sterilized tool to clean and buff your nails. The nails should be as smooth as possible without any ridges. It ensures a perfect dipping powder manicure.
  • Apply the basecoat on the nails carefully by avoiding the cuticles.
  • Dip your nails at a 45-degree angle into Kiara dip powder of your choice.
  • Shake your hands to let the excess powder fall off. You can also use a brush to dust it off.
  • Apply the activator gel to activate the dipping powder polish.
  • Repeat the procedure for all your nails.
  • Uniformly apply the topcoat by using a gentle brush. It ensures a delicate coating.
  • The topcoat dries within minutes of applying. Hence, there is no question of drying the polish under a UV lamp.
  • Your dipping powder is over. The nail polish job will last for three to four weeks.


It is advisable to follow the procedures mentioned above to get the best out of your dipping powder nail manicures. These tips can prove handy in getting the most beautiful and healthy nails.